Rikkie Kolle, The First Trans Woman to be Crowned Miss Netherlands in 2023

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This young girl named Ricky Kolle will become the most beautiful girl in the Netherlands in 2023 and win the title of Miss Netherlands.

A seven-year-old child comes home from school crying. This little boy, who is being teased by the upper-class boys, says that he cannot go back to school. The father of this child is Indonesian. The Indonesian islands known as Maluca or Moluccas were formerly Dutch colonies.
The mother of this little child is a Dutch white woman. This little child is teased at school because his appearance, speech, and behavior are similar to a girl child. Even if you have to change schools twice, the insults received will not decrease.

Later, the father of this child said that Dutch people do not get as many insults as children who have migrated from Asian and African countries. This little boy’s name is Rick Kolle. Little Rick, who is under a lot of stress due to insults and jokes, has to seek psychiatric advice

If this incident is transferred to South Asian society, they may call with insults and jokes. It is no secret that even the parents are tempted to keep this child away from society considering it as a disgrace to their family and generation.
Often it ends in mental illness, suicide, or isolation. We are left with the question of whether a small child or a young man or a girl should suffer so much punishment due to a born behavior… body condition or attitude.

There is almost no topic in Asians that is as funny, curious, and debated as sex.

Many Asians use the words transgender, trusty… lesbian .. ‘and gay .. for humor or to humiliate someone. Most of these people are not able to openly look at sex and sexual relations or talk openly.

Rick Colle also has no shortage of insults and taunts at school. But Rick’s parents are very smart. They recognize that even though Rick’s physical features are similar to a man’s, his behavior… attitudes and behaviors are similar to a woman’s. In short, Rick is a woman living in a delicate male body.

At the age of eleven, this child, who changed his name to Ricky Kolle, chose to live as a girl. Ricky gets the full support of his parents for this. At the age of eighteen, Ricky turns into a woman after several surgeries, resorting to hormone replacement therapy.

This young girl named Ricky Kolle will become the most beautiful girl in the Netherlands in 2023 and win the title of Miss Netherlands.

The Miss Netherlands competition was held for the first time ninety-five years ago today. Winning first place in a competition with so much history is not an easy task. “Ricky is beautiful and very intelligent… at the same time, the way he faced problems and insults… and how he came through all those obstacles is admirable.

Miss Netherlands 2023
Ricky Kolle

Ricky’s story is an example not only for the Netherlands but for the whole world… He will show poor children like him to follow their dreams. Here is a story like this in the tribunals announce their decision.

Ricky is not the first woman to undergo a transgender or sex change and become a beauty. Angela Maria Ponce, who became Miss Spain in 2018, is a transgender woman.

Miss Netherlands 2023
Angela Maria Ponce, Miss Spain in 2018   Photo Source: The Cardinal 

What matters is being a woman today, not a man ten years ago. These Western Sankara customs and nonsense… one can dismiss this story as blasphemous.

But this is not something that belongs to the West or the East, it is familiar to the whole world, but it is just a phenomenon bound and hidden by some cultures.

Tashi Chodan, who became Miss Bhutan in 2022, is a lesbian girl.

 05 June 2022 by Priya Bhardwaj Tashi Choden crowned Miss Bhutan 2022 | Miss Netherlands 2023
Tashi Choden Crowned Miss Bhutan 2022  Photo Source: Angelopedia.com

Tasi, who openly declares about it, works as a social activist. Bhutanese society accepts Tasi without any hesitation.
Anne Jakpong, who owns the Miss Universe pageant today, is a Thai girl. Anne is a transgender woman like Ricky Kolle.

2022 Miss Argentina Mariana Varella will marry Fabiola Valentin. Fabiella was Miss Puerto Rico that year.

2022 Miss Argentina Mariana Varella & Fabiola Valentin 2022 Miss Puerto Rico | Miss Netherlands 2023
2022 Miss Argentina Mariana Varella & Fabiola Valentin 2022 Miss Puerto Rico  Photo Source : South China Morning Post

These examples can be given from different parts of the world. Sexuality means .. sexual feelings or behaviors are not something that can be bound by cultural ideologies or stereotypes. Some African and Middle Eastern regions and South Asian regions have very narrow attitudes towards transgender or lesbian women. Many men think that they can use these women as they want.

This does not mean that all men should be surgically turned into women. But something that is not accepted and rejected in one’s society should happen or be understood abroad. Society… cultural attitudes… blind religious opinions… no matter how many ideologies there are most beautiful girl in the Netherlands in 2023 Rikkie Kollé tells us that none of that will stop her from realizing her dreams.


Source: Angelopedia.com , Reuters

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