Whales that walked the Desert

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Whales are not a topic that can be finished talking about.
The communication ability of these animals is so advanced that it surpasses the human brain…complex.

Research has shown that the language and sounds of whales can travel up to 10,000 kilometers in water.

Just think that when the diameter of the earth is 12,742 km, whales have the ability to communicate over a similar distance.
This means that these people should be able to talk to a colleague who is swimming in the sea of ​​Antarctica from the North Sea of ​​Norway.

Relax mind listening sound of whales

With devices like iPhone…Samsung, man reached that situation only in the last twenty years.
The other day, while listening to a music CD with the sound of whales, I thought that whales, like Beethoven or Ar Rahmanla, also have amazing abilities in music.
This music is even used today as a remedy for mental stress…depression.

Even now, organizations like Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace are fighting alone against whaling in the cold sea.
Japan, Norway and Iceland are still hunting whales openly without listening to the voices of the world’s environmental organizations.
4.5 billion years old We know that the dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago.

After that, when mammals spread their power on the earth, evidence are being received that whales have been living on the ground since fifty million years ago, surprising everyone in this field.
But the first stage of man, or the ape stage, which is said to be a great and intelligent animal, is recorded as recently as 315,000 years ago.

Charles Darwin is an excellent man who introduced some acceptable theories to the world beyond Noah’s ark… the water jumping from the mouth of the great Brahma… and the stories that God created animals.
This gentleman, who lived between 1809-1882, presented a theory that was able to turn people’s beliefs and knowledge upside down without the help of today’s technology and evidence.

With the fossil evidence obtained these days from the whale valley in the Egyptian Sahara desert, it is possible to learn a lot of amazing information about whales.
Wadi Al hitan  or Tamas Valley, about 150 kilometers southeast of Cairo, is a strange place where hundreds of whale skeleton fossils have been found. – (Valley of the Whales)
These whales, which lived about fifty million years ago, are known as legged whales.

Whales that walked the desert

In other words, these people can be identified as whales who walked on the ground.
On the one hand, it is not surprising that whales grow up drinking milk and breathing fresh air like humans walked the earth.
It means that today’s Sahara desert is fertile land areas filled with water at that time… or areas where the sea and the land came together.

The fossils in this area belong to the era called Paleogene or Eocene. That means these fossils belong to the historical period between 66 and 23 million years ago.
It is during this time that animals such as whales and dolphins are believed to have lived in both water and land.
In these whale skeletons, you can clearly see the bones that fit well-developed feet.
In other words, we see whale fossils with legs and arms in these pictures.

Over millions of years, these people adapt to the various changes that occur on Earth and change. In other words, it naturally adapts to changes.
If we talk about how quickly elephants and elephants adapt, that speed is the root of their destruction, a topic that needs to be discussed separately.

Whales that walked the desert 3 Whales that walked the desert
Animals such as whales and dolphins have been living on earth for millions of years, and God is adjusting to the most natural new conditions… long before the sages came down to earth.
People think that man is very intelligent.

Some of them also understand that the earth will be destroyed due to their foolish actions. But it is not the earth that will be destroyed, only the proud man.
The earth will rotate for two million years… a new life will be born on the earth.
Animal species like palm fish… dolphins will find a way to stop and be born freely on Earth.. roam.

At that time, there will be no evidence to even say that Homo sapiens lived on Earth.
Am I the only one who thinks how small…insignificant I am in front of the animal species that have been living for millions of years in this endless universe?

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Source: unesco.org
Image Source: National Geographic.

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