Erotic art of the ancient Babylonian civilization in 2000 BCE

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Here are the works of art on display at the Israel Museum, depicting the erotic art of the ancient Babylonian civilization.

display at the Israel Museum Babylonian
display at the Israel Museum

Terracotta plaques with Babylonian sex scenes are common, and some suggest that sex was more than just a means of reproduction in this culture. It is also pointed out that it is an expression of the ideas that existed at that time.
But in Babylonian culture, not having sex was a sin. Ishtar, their goddess of sexuality and fertility, has a special place here.

Erotic art of the ancient Babylonian civilization

The epic of Gilgamesh, a great Mesopotamian literary work, describes sexuality as a powerful force that distinguishes humans from beasts.

The Greek writer Herodotus reports that every woman should have sex with a stranger at least once in her lifetime. Herodotus described that Ishtar (Inanna) had to go to the temple and choose a stranger and agree to have sex with anyone, and that “every woman” had to do it. Analysts point out that it was a ritual for women in ancient Babylonia.


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