Blackstone Beach

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Blackstone Beach :

We have visited various types of beaches in our lives. However, experiencing a beach that has black stones instead of white sand is a rare occurrence. Today, we are going to talk about wonderful Aruba’s Black Stone Beach, which is comprised of small, glistening black pebbles formed through erosion.

Blackstone Beach

Why Blackstone Beach is unique?

We know there are several black sand beaches all over the world. But on this unique Black Stone Beach Aruba, you can see tiny and shining black pebbles everywhere. Actually, these stones are the remains of lava from nearby volcanoes. Actually, this beach is a small bay that has been created by the Caribbean Sea. These small black stones create a strange beauty you have never seen on other beaches.

Where is Blackstone Beach?

We know Aruba is a small island situated in the Caribbean Sea, about 24 kilometers from the coast of South America. The island has gained fame for its luxurious accommodations and vibrant tourist hubs. This hidden Black Stone Beach is situated on the northeastern coast of Aruba. It is located close to Arikok National Park and the famous Andicuri Beach on the island.

Stunning Sunrise View for Photographers

Blackstone Beach

Black Stone Beach is an ideal place to see the sunrise in the morning. It is said that the name of the beach comes from the beautiful shine that the rocks exhibit when they are hit by the morning sun. Therefore, if you are a photographer looking for an uncrowded hidden beach, this place offers a unique feature due to the black stones.

Water Sports on Blackstone Beach

Black Stone Beach

The sea at Black Stone Beach is really dangerous. Water sports such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, kayaking, and paddle boarding are not recommended here due to the high waves and strong currents along the beach.

Other Activities on this Black Pebble Beach

Blackstone beach
Blackstone Beach

As I mentioned earlier, Black Stone Beach is a beautiful and unique place to relax with nature. Instead of photographing, you can take a leisurely walk while admiring the stunning beach view with your loved ones. So, one can suggest that this Black Stone beach is a remarkable place for a small picnic or an evening party.

Safety and Facilities

black stone beach aruba

Because stones are scattered everywhere on the beach, you have to wear a suitable pair of shoes. While many beaches have trees or shrubs for shelter, finding such a place on Black Stone Beach may be impossible. Therefore, it is better to bring some sun lotion and sun hats too. And don’t forget to bring your preferred food items and beverages.


Black pebble beach

Please note that public transportation is not available at this location. Therefore, you have to arrange the transportation yourself. Due to the rugged road conditions in the Black Stone Beach area, it’s advisable to use a four-wheeled vehicle for your transportation.

How get to Blackstone Beach

You can explore the Black Stone Beach area and search for nearby hotels for your accommodations using the following map:

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