Octopus : The Octopus that led the way to Robotics

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Octopus Paul prediction

In terms of biodiversity, the octopus is a wonderful creature with a head and eight arms.

These animals live in various parts of the ocean, especially near coral reefs.

They are active predators and hunt prey mainly at night.

When talking about the octopus, one of the people we cannot forget is the octopus called ‘Coconut’.

Paul became very popular all over the world due to his prediction that Spain would win the semi-final.

And in this tournament, the owl’s predictions were 100% correct.

Poul the octopus
Poul the octopus

And that’s how this prophecy was shown live all over Europe.

But today we are not going to talk about the prophesying octopus.

It is about a wonderful experiment done on the octopus.

For example, there is a familiar hand that people use in everyday life.

It is the right or left hand which is used in many other activities like playing games and writing an essay.

This varies from person to person.


Accordingly, a similar test has been conducted on the octopus.

This test has been done by a group of researchers from the University of Minnesota.

A study by researchers using octopuses revealed that although there are eight arms to choose from, the octopus has a favorite appendage (arm).

Accordingly, the research team has observed an appendage that octopuses often use when they attack various prey.

Octopuses also use all eight arms when moving across the sea floor or through the water.


In addition, it is said that octopuses are often struggling animals and make exploratory movements in a special way.

After this study, the researchers say they found a new concept for creating robots.

While carrying out the research, special attention was paid to octopus hunting, and it has been seen that the same appendage is used in catching prey.

Accordingly, more extensive studies have been conducted to understand whether this is a random use of their hands, or whether they have a preference.

For this, the researchers used two locations in California.

Also, the octopus is put in a tank, and cameras are installed to record his every move.

When the researchers put different types of prey into the tank, they recorded the reactions of the octopuses.

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Accordingly, it has been seen that no matter what kind of prey comes, the octopus always uses the same hand.

Another special fact that has been discovered here is that octopuses use different attack tactics depending on the type of prey.

And this has further confirmed that the octopus, which had been concluded by previous tests, is a quick learner and quite an intelligent animal.

Accordingly, with this new data, the research team has developed a special plan to produce the next generation of soft robots, they said.

It is said that the work of creating the robot is currently at the test stage.

Stay tuned with Wikimess to know about the upcoming investigations.

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