True stories based on 7 horror movies that shook the world

Have you ever watched a movie or a movie and wondered how screenwriters come up with ideas for these great creations? We can guess that they often take ideas from life experiences for heartwarming movies, documentaries, and musicals. But you have never thought that events based on horror movies or horror movies can be true events, right? See if you knew about this movie.

01 IT

IT horror movies

This movie horror movie, which was created around the character of a JOKER, was prepared to be released in August 2017, but at that time, professional JOKER actors all over the world exerted a strong influence to censor this film. They said that because of Joker’s character in this film, people are very afraid and therefore it can affect their careers.
However, Joker’s character created fear in people today, not yesterday. A person named John Wayne Gray Jr. who lived in the 70s added a black spot to the character of Joker. This person is a serial killer who has spread fear in Illinois, USA, committing 33 murders in 6 years. One Wayne disguised himself as a crook and committed all these murders. In the 70s, people accepted the character of Joker as a friendly character.

So, under the guise of a friendly character, people have been picked up in their vehicles and taken to another place and these murders have been committed. That’s why people later called him the circle killer.

Based on Stephen King’s novel, Andy Muschietti is basing John Wayne’s role on Pennywise, the main character of IT.

02 3096 Days

3096 Days horror movies
3096 Days

Natascha Kampusch, 10 years old, lives in Vienna, Australia. Natascha leaves home every morning to go to school. Her mother, who was worried about this, also informed the police about this.
During the information investigation, Natasha’s friend Alisha says that she saw Natasha getting into a van near the school and that she saw the vehicle moving in the opposite direction to the school. Although the police investigated the information regarding the van, they did not find any information related to it.

Natasha was kidnapped by Wolfgang Přiklopil. A tunnel has been carefully made in his house and Natasha has been locked in a 54 square feet room. 3096 days after her disappearance, i.e. on 23.08.2006, Natasha escaped from the place and surrendered herself to the police, she lives apart from the outside society. However, Wolfgang Priklopil, knowing that Natasha was safely handed over to the police, jumped into the coach and killed himself.

Later, Natasha published her experience as a book and it was screened all over the world as a horror movie.

03 Annebelle

Annebelle horror movies

This is also a horror movie created around a hot adventure series in the 70s. Although Donna was a 20-year-old girl, she had a great passion for dolls. So for her 20th birthday, she gets a Raggedy Anne Doll. One day, Donna notices that a small piece of paper has fallen in front of this doll that says help me. Even if you don’t care that much, after that, a strange chain of events starts in Donna’s room and house based on the doll. So Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are two famous people in America who are looking for supernatural things, come to this house and do research after being shocked by these strange things happening in the house.

They realize that there is a supernatural bond in this doll. Then a priest is brought and this doll is bound and handed over to a museum. It is said that this doll is safe even today. So I invite you to watch this horror movie and enjoy the experience.

04 Open Water

Open Water horror movies
Open Water

Thomas Lonergan and Eileen Lonergan are a well-matched married couple who enjoy traveling and scuba diving. As a habit, these two who go diving in the sea with their friends are going to travel around the Great Barrier Reef in Australia on 25.01.1998. No one realized that the two ships were not there even when the ship landed.

After two days, divers searched for them, but no one could find them. A few days later, only small pieces of their clothes were found on the beach. After 6 months, a small piece of paper was found on the beach. It was written “Today 1998.01.26 at 8 am. Forgetting us, the ship has gone to land. please save us”
So the Open Water horror movie is based on this love story.

05 Monster

Monster horror movies

This movie is about the second-worst woman in American history. Charlize Theron, a famous actress, had to gain 13 kg and change her appearance to play the lead role. Living with her brother and grandmother without parents, Aileen Carol Wuornos became pregnant at the age of 14. Aileen, who has to face many different events every day, commits her first murder at the age of 14. That is, from the murder of Richard McElroy on 30.11.1989. This horror movie has been created through the way she acted for 7 murders within a year.

06 The Curse of Robert the Doll

The Curse of Robert the Doll horror movies
The Curse of Robert the Doll

Robert is a doll. This story begins in the 20th century. First, this doll belonged to a boy named Robert Eugene Otto. This was given to him by a maid who worked in their house. She says that this doll is cursed. At first, this doll is motivated to make sounds, then talk and do certain things.

Now, this doll is in the East Martello museum. But even today, you can’t take a photo or touch him without permission from Robert. Even if you can’t do that, you will have to face the person involved in the trouble one by one until you apologize to Robert. So after apologizing to Robert, 10-12 letters a day is not a mistake.
The Curse of the Robert Doll movie is about this doll. So you can also watch the horror movie and experience it to know if it is true.

07 Primeval

Primeval horror movies

If you are someone who travels around the world as a hobby, you must know about this. This movie is about the killer Gustave crocodile, which is believed to live in the wetlands of the East African state of Burundi. Gustave’s lifespan is usually between 70-100 years. But there is no one who has seen this crocodile says that it is exactly in this area. But between 209 and 300 lives have been lost so far. The Primeval movie is based on the horrible actions of this murderer crocodile horror movie.


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