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Nails fungus is a disease related to nails that affect many men and women today. This condition can be seen in the nails of the hands as well as the feet. This condition can occur in one toe or several toes. The pain caused by acne as well as the damage to the appearance is also great. Therefore, many people today have to spend their lives with mental worries.

Using shoes that cause discomfort to the feet, excessively cleaning the nails unnecessarily, unnecessarily cleaning the hands and feet with soaps or soap powders, frequent use of nail polishes and frequent use of liquids that remove them, and excessive water-related activities. This impotence can occur as a result of many reasons such as blood disorders. In this condition, the nail becomes red and the soft skin peels off, the nail becomes pus, inflammation, excessive pain, blackness on both sides of the nail, breaking of the nail, swelling, etc. So today we thought to talk about the treatment that can be done to get rid of this oppressive condition.

Treatments that can be done at home for acne patients

Treat Unsightly Cuticles
Treat Unsightly Cuticles Nails

Before doing any hand medicine for acne, hands and feet should be washed very well. After that, the medication should be applied after wiping it well with a dry cloth. The following substances can be used to disinfect the pilot.

Materials that can be used to wash pilots

  1. Boiled water of raw turmeric.



  2. Boiled water of Gansuriya leaves.



  3. Veinal knot boiled water.

  4. Clean the nails thoroughly by boiling pinna leaves, Aratta leaves, Nidhikumba leaves, and turmeric leaves.



  5. Before going to bed, take a little warm water and add turmeric to it add kohlrabi leaves or kohlrabi bark and wash your hands and feet and dry them with a clean cloth.

  6. Take Copper sulfate(CUSO4) ash, ground gum, and coconut oil and pour them into a glass.

    Copper Sulfate


  7. Put a solanum in the hot Steam, boil it and grind it.

    Nails care


  8. Mix tamarind with little Copper sulfate(CUSO4) powder and bind.

  9. Grind and bind with cumin seeds, Copper sulfate(CUSO4).

  10. Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, add about 8 drops of tea tree oil to it, mix it and apply it to the nails with the help of a cotton button. Do this daily about 6 times a day.

  11. Soak thoroughly cleansed feet dip your nails into the bowl in bleaching powder mix water, leave for 3-4 minutes, remove, and clean. Doing this once a day for 7-10 days is sufficient.

    cleansed feet dip your nails into the bowl in bleaching powder mix water
    Cleansed feet dip your Nails into the bowl in bleaching powder mix water


  12. Take a Banana tender leaf and Kapumkeeriya leaves, grind them well and wrap them twice a day on the infected nails. If this is not mixed, then wrapping once a day is enough.

    banana tender leaf
    banana tender leaf


  13. Heengeda leaves, grind with ripe banana, and apply.



  14. Pepper, turmeric, salt, and mustard are cooked slightly and wrap infected nails..

    GettyImages 597062235 5a2acd439802070037bdb06c


  15. Take the skin of lime leaves, raw turmeric, Udupiyali and grind it finely and apply it to the affected nail at night. Then cover it with a betel leaf and wash the nail the next morning. Do this continuously for 21 days.

In this kind of disease, it is extremely important to avoid the behaviors that cause the condition to intensify, apart from avoiding the medication that is used as treatment. Special care should be taken about wearing comfortable shoes, not frequently using harsh soaps or detergents, keeping hands and feet clean, and avoiding hot food..

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