Story of Persistence of Soichiro Honda

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Soichiro Honda Childhood

A boy was born in Japan in 1906. Due to poverty, he did not get to go to school, so at the age of 15, he went to work in a garage in Tokyo.

Of course, the job the owner of the garage gave him was to take care of his child. Soichiro Honda carried the child on his back and walked all over the garage.

At a young age, he joined Toyota as a mechanic, which was a famous company in those days. Time passed. Soichiro Honda is now a very skilled mechanic. He is also different from other mechanics. The dream of others was somehow to become a mechanic in the best car manufacturing company in Japan.

What made our boy different from them was the dream he saw. It was to create his own car company.

A Story of Persistence
A Story of Persistence

So the Toyota company allowed this young man who dreamed of making his own car to carry out the related tests. Of course, the boy has to bear all the money spent on it. So, how much money did he spend on this?

Soichiro Honda said goodbye to boarding school and slept on a bench in the garage.
In this way, he slept on the bench for two years. It is to reveal their dream car.
The result is to reveal the dream car. But Toyota refused to produce this car.


Do you have a question before I finish the story What would you do if you were him?

He resumed his investigations. I had to sleep on the bench for a few more years. Finally, he presented his new car to the Toyota company, which avoided those defects…The company accepted it. The story does not stop there. When his dream was about to finally come true, World War II began. So no investor offered to invest in this car. He wrote letters to investors for years. Finally, two investors came forward. His new car factory was built…

Do you think that everyone is scattered with happiness?

No… In 1945, this factory was leveled to the ground by the American bomb attack on Japan. By this time, the money collected by this young man… the accumulated dreams melted again. He fell to the extreme where he was.

What will you do to him?
But he won’t let us stop the story here.

He is an inventor. And a good entrepreneur. Soichiro Honda thought about how to rebuild the work. He did not go to build the car again because at that time the price of cars in Japan was very high. No one takes…He, therefore, invented a motorcycle as an answer.
In 1949, the 3-horsepower Dream motorcycle was born to the world...

Honda bike

Not only that, it made him a millionaire. He didn’t want to be a motorcycle dealer and have fun because the work went up. Soichiro Honda decided to build his dream car again. This time everything went well. Finally, the car he produced became very popular in the world. Not only that, but today, he is working as a mechanic with Toyota, a car company…Those cars that have passed such a difficult journey…



Soichiro HondaSoichiro Honda (本田 宗一郎, Honda Sōichirō, 17 November 1906 – 5 August 1991) was a Japanese engineer and industrialist. … In 1948, he established Honda Motor .

This boy’s name is Soichiro Honda. We know that you who drive this Honda car have a past full of obstacles like this. It must be the same for everyone who reads this. They must have overcome those obstacles. That’s all I wanted to say.

You can’t control obstacles. But you can control losing..


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