SpaceX’s rocket launches 4 Astronauts to International Space Station

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SpaceX’s Rocket leaves 4 Astronauts from four countries to the International Space Station(ISS)

Four astronauts from four countries left for the International Space Station on Saturday from SpaceX’s rocket. They will likely reach the space station on Sunday in their SpaceX capsule, where they will replace four astronauts who have been living since March.

Passengers from Denmark, Japan and Russia took off from the Kennedy Space Center along with an astronaut from the US space agency NASA. Officials said that this is the first launch of America, in which every seat of the spacecraft was occupied by astronauts from different countries.


Earlier, NASA used to include two or three astronauts in the SpaceX vehicle. NASA astronaut Jasmine Moghbeli sent a message from orbit, “We are a united team on a shared mission.”

International Space Station
International Space Station | Image Source : NASA

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