Terrifying Alien-AI Deals You Don’t Want to Know About

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Extraterrestrials are a hypothetical group of organisms believed to live in other places in the universe than Earth. But we know very well that there is no falsehood in this hypothesis. Many scholars have expressed different opinions in this regard.

Avi Loeb, a professor at Harvard University, made a special revelation about extraterrestrials.

Aliens and AI
Avi Loeb, a professor at Harvard University

Aliens and AI

It means that when extraterrestrials come into contact with Earth, they don’t deal with humans first. Accordingly, the professor mentioned that they are in contact with AI technology or artificial intelligence.

And he further mentions that extraterrestrials do not come in groups on planes. Instead, he says, they will send AI drones to Earth.

It is also said that due to the contact the aliens have with the AI, they can also subtly avoid humans. The professor said that even thinking about such a thing is scary.

The scary aspect here is that AI technology on Earth is related to alien AI technology. He points out that there can be two events.

Aliens and AI
The first is that alien AI technology deals with Earth’s AI technology and adapts to Earth’s needs.

The second is that Earth’s AI technology, coupled with extraterrestrial AI technology, will make changes necessary for the alien world.


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