Rapper Coolio Death: Rapper Coolio died at the age of 59, found unconscious in friend’s bathroom.

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Rapper Coolio Death American rapper Coolio died at the age of 59. The manager of Grammy Award winner Coolio shared the information about his death. He told in a special conversation with a celebrity media channel that Coolio was found unconscious in a friend’s house.

Rapper Coolio Death: US rapper Coolio (stage name) died at the age of 59. The rapper’s death was informed by his manager Jarez Posey. Rapper Coolio’s real name was Artis Leon Ive Jr., who died on Wednesday in Los Angeles. Rapper Coolio is popularly known for his 1995 chart-topping song ‘Gangsta’s Paradiseloss’. However, due to the death of rapper Coolio, The reason for this has not been revealed yet. According to Coolio’s friend, he has only shared the information about his death but has not given the reason for his death. Let us tell you that apart from being a manager, Jarez Posey has also been his close friend.

US-based rapper Coolio was found unconscious in a friend’s bathroom

Rapper Coolio
Rapper Coolio

Coolio’s manager Jarez Posey told celebrity news website TMZ that the rapper had gone to a friend’s house on Wednesday afternoon, where he was found unconscious in the bathroom of the house. Artis Leone, who started his career as a rapper in the 80s, shot to fame with the soundtrack ‘Gangsta’s Paradiseloss’ in the 1995 film ‘Dangerous Mind’. Not only this, rapper Coolio was also honored with the Grammy Award for his solo performance. Apart from this, he was also honored with many awards.


Rapper Coolio was born in Monessen, Pennsylvania


Rapper Coolio was born in Monessen, Pennsylvania, south of Pittsburgh. He was born on August 1, 1963. He moved to California for his further studies, where he did his studies in different colleges. According to the reports, he was a crank addict when he was young, but to give the right direction to his future and come out of bad habits, he took a job as a firefighter at the Los Angeles airport. Shortly after which he turned to music to come out of his circumstances.


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