Princess Diana’s ‘black sheep’ Sweater Sells for record-breaking $1.1M

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Princess Diana‘s colorful sweater sold for so many crores that you can buy a bungalow, you will be blown away by knowing the price.

Princess Diana's sweater sells at an incredible price
Princess Diana’s || Image Source :

Most people are fond of buying clothes of big brands, but their price allows people to only dream about those brands. Well, today we are going to tell you about a sweater that is not of any brand, yet its price is so much that people can buy clothes of big brands and put their line. Now you must also be wondering what is in this sweater, so let’s tell you.

Princess Diana's sweater sells at an incredible price
In June 1981, Princess Diana attended a polo match  ||  Image Source : Yahoo news

This sweater belongs to the celebrity who ruled everyone’s hearts and still does, this sweater is owned by The Wife of King Charles of Britain, and Lady Diana, mother of Prince Harry and William. The red sweater, famously called the “Black Sheep” sweater due to its unique design, was initially estimated to be sold for a much lower price, between $50,000 to $80,000. However, the online bidding frenzy caused the price to skyrocket, ultimately reaching an astounding $1.1 million, which is 10 times more than the expected amount. The auction extended by several minutes due to a flurry of competitive bids, highlighting the high demand for this significant piece of Diana’s history.

Princess Diana's 'black sheep' Sweater Sells for record-breaking $1.1M
Princess Diana & King Charles In June 1981  || Image Source : Yahoo news

The Story Behind the Sweater

In June 1981, just a few days after her engagement to Charles, Princess Diana attended a polo match. During that time he wore this red sweater. At that time, these pictures of 19-year-old Diana were so much discussed that her red sweater became a style statement and there was a competition among people to buy sweaters of this design.

The sweater was a creation of then-little-known designers Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne, and their company Warm and Wonderful. Diana’s choice to wear this particular garment propelled the designers and their company into the limelight. Interestingly, the sweater was found in an attic in 2023 by Joanna Osborne, reigniting its historical significance.

Princess Diana's sweater sells at an incredible price
Princess Diana’s ‘black sheep’ sweater  || Image Source : bicesteradvertiser

Auction Details and Historical Authenticity

The auction included not only the sweater but also official letters from Buckingham Palace regarding its repair or replacement, adding to its historical value and authenticity. Online bidding for this historic piece began on August 31, which marks the 26th anniversary of Princess Diana’s tragic passing in a car accident in Paris.

News Source : Reuters, Yahoo news

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