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There are only a few people in this world whose memories will include the days of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Cinema’s biggest screen (IMAX) captures the period leading up to the event that brought World War II to a decisive end 78 years ago and thereafter changed the picture of the whole world But the courage to take off has been shown by Christopher Nolan who has more fans in other countries of the world than in America.

Nolan has long been one of the greatest filmmakers of this era
Nolan has long been one of the greatest filmmakers of this era | Photo Source: IGN

Nolan has long been one of the greatest filmmakers of this era. He is one of the few directors whose fan base is probably This period is the highest in world cinema. He has become a legend in his own righ96t and his cinema writes a chapter every time he graces the silver screen which reverberates throughout the next year at the awards. Discussions on how many categories his new film Oppenheimer will be nominated for at next year’s Oscars have already started before the film’s release.


The story of the father of nuclear weapons

story of the father of nuclear weapons
Oppenheimer Tease Could Be Nolan’s Wildest Achievement Yet | Photo Source: Screen Rent

The film ‘Oppenheimer’ depicts the incidents in the life of JR Oppenheimer, who is called the father of nuclear weapons, in which a man trying to balance his heart and his mind does something whose self-consciousness haunts him for many years. The same happened with Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite. The reward for his invention is the Nobel Prize and the most important among them has been the Nobel Peace Prize.

Oppenheimer was born into a Jewish family that took refuge in America. He had both blood and education relations with Germany and the nuclear bomb led by Oppenheimer played the biggest role in bringing the second war waged by German dictator Hitler to its conclusion. The film ‘Oppenheimer’ is the story of the making of this nuclear bomb or atomic bomb.

Everest of Nolan’s Cinema


Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan  | Photo Source : Koimoi

Christopher Nolan, 52, was born in Britain. His workplace was Hollywood. Nolan’s film ‘Oppenheimer’, which has so far been nominated for five Oscar Awards, as many BAFTA Awards, and six Golden Globe Awards, can be said to be the strongest knock on the doors of the box office and Oscars so far. The film captures the days of J. Robert Oppenheimer when he was captured in 1942 during World War II. I was selected for the Manhattan Project.

The next year he became its head, and the Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico began the development of weapons whose single use so far changed the face of the world. This experiment created such a fear of nuclear weapons that the world starts to stir with just their fragrance. Hundreds of films have been made on the theft or search for such weapons. The film ‘Mission Impossible 7’, released last week, is also a similar story based on the search for nuclear weapons.

Nolan, Nolan, and Nolan…

Christopher Nolan is a mastermind of cinematic brilliance
Christopher Nolan is a mastermind of cinematic brilliance | Photo : GQ

The film ‘Oppenheimer’ is different in its narrative from the previous films of its director Christopher Nolan, but its story has also been woven by Nolan like an intriguing narrative. If you don’t know much about World War II or the story of the development of the atomic bomb, then you may find it difficult to understand the film. The mind needs to be engaged in this film and it also needs to be constantly active.

The story of the film wanders in the past and the present in search of its destination. The film does take a while to hook the viewer into this back-and-forth texture of black and white images and color shots, but once the design is understood, it becomes like a picture hanging in a giant museum, worth seeing. Curiosity cannot be pacified at once. This is the victory of cinema that excites its audience to watch it again and again.

Eye opener Oppenheimer


Oppenheimer | Christopher Nolan: AI will go into defensive infrastructure; ultimately, they’ll be in charge of nuclear weapons
Oppenheimer | Christopher Nolan: AI will go into defensive infrastructure; ultimately, they’ll be in charge of nuclear weapons | Photo Source : OTTPlay

Nolan has been an astonishing filmmaker. Here too he shows less cinema and more curiosity. His IMAX camera zooms in so close to the characters that you can feel their veins fluttering. The inside and outside talk about the Manhattan Project forms the basis of this film. Nolan tries his best to explain the responsibility that Oppenheimer shoulders, and how complex Oppenheimer’s character is, beyond the reach of an ordinary person are Oppenheimer’s past tries to rub his shoulders.

Nolan also uses his leaning toward the left to tilt the axis of the story. His genealogy also does not leave him. And, in framing this entire dramatic event as a nearly three-hour film, Nolan has once again dwarfed his own previous cinema in front of this film. There is no doubt that this film can be called his best work so far and in the last 100 Whenever there is a discussion about the films of the year, this film will be seen among the early films only.

Cillian Murphy’s Seventh Heaven

Inside the Book That Inspired Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer, American Prometheus
Inside the Book That Inspired Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, American Prometheus  | Photo Source: Men’s Health

The bone, flesh, blood, marrow, and bones of the film ‘Oppenheimer’, the way Christopher Nolan created it in his screenplay, its actors did the work of breathing in a very good way. Among Nolan’s films, ‘Batman Begins’, ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘The Dark Knight Begins’ have been films on which DC fans around the world have created their own stories. ‘Inception’, ‘Interstellar’, ‘Dunkirk’ and ‘Tenet’ are known even to moviegoers whose Only interested in suspense thriller movies.

This time Cillian Murphy is in the lead role in the film with Christopher Nolan, who has become Dronacharya of Eklavyas around the world learning cinema. Cillian has shown how to live a character. He appears to be Oppenheimer. Seeing him on the screen, not even once does he feel that he is an artist who is doing this character. His tension with his wife, his feud with his arch-rival, and his own aura designed to dominate his colleagues is the height of Cillian Murphy‘s performance that only the Best Actor Oscar can thank.

The charisma of Robert, Matt, Rami, and Emily

The charisma of Robert, Matt, Rami and Emily
The charisma of Robert, Matt, Rami and Emily  | Photo Source : Deadline

But it’s not just Cillian Murphy who has breathed life into ‘Oppenheimer’, Robert Downey Jr. is as much a contender for Best Actor as him. He needed a character like this to break out of his decade-and-a-half-old image of ‘Ironman’. His portrayal of Louise Strauss is the balance that Nolan’s film strives for. And, watching Emily Blunt as Katherine Oppenheimer is a different experience.

Note that his character One is of a woman eight decades back and to portray a woman of that time who has what is in her mind and heart is on her tongue is a challenging task. Emily Blunt has drenched the film ‘Oppenheimer’ with a different color. Along with me, Matt Damon and Rami Malek are also there, just by seeing them on the screen, the audience starts waiting for what turn the story is going to take.

A valuable lesson in inclusive cinema

Oppenheimer Fan-Made Featurette Imagines Nolan Dropping A Real Nuke - IMDb
Oppenheimer Fan-Made Featurette Imagines Nolan Dropping A Real Nuke – IMDb  |  Photo Source : IMDb

Christopher Nolan’s cinema has been inclusive cinema from the beginning. Not only does it give an opportunity to the story, atmosphere, and characters to develop completely, but the cinematography, editing, and music in his films also become a sounding instrument of cinema. Whether or not Hoyte Van Hoytma used special effects or VFX in The Trinity Test was the subject of much speculation before the film’s release.

What is the reality, you will understand after watching this film? Jennifer Lamm has taken care while editing the film to let its soul develop in its natural flow. And, Ludwig Goransson! Christopher Nolan, who has been dependent on German-origin composer Hans Zimmer for the music of his films, has done a new experiment this time. And, this experiment of his has dissolved such a juice in the flow of the film that if you have great sound..


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