NASA’s latest mission succeeds | The Science Behind NASA’s 1st Attempt at Redirecting an Asteroid

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Foreign media reports that a unique mission done by NASA to save the world was successful.

It was the Dart mission launched by NASA.

Nasa-asteroid-smashing DART spacecraft make its 6-million-mile shot
asteroid-smashing DART spacecraft makes its 6-million-mile shot

Image Credits: NASA/JHUAPL

NASA’s 1st Attempt at Redirecting an Asteroid

Here, a spacecraft with a weight of about 610 kg has been made to collide with an asteroid.
Through this, NASA hopes to find out the possibility of changing the trajectory of asteroid parts that are at risk of colliding with the Earth.

The foreign media has further reported that this experiment has been carried out to avoid such a risk to the earth in the future. Below is the live broadcast brought by NASA in relation to this mission..

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