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Argentina knocks out France in the final and is already the world champion! 36 years have had to wait, but the Albiceleste returns to reign in world football. With all the suffering in the world, after enduring like Mbappé, he took the game to extra time and penalties. But then Leo and Dibu Martínez appeared to take their team to the top. A final won on penalties. To the epic In 86, it was Maradona.


How is Argentina doing?

In 2022, the great heir. Now yes. It could not be other than him. Leo Messi. The Rosario star can already say that he is the world champion, the last great title that was missing from a prodigious record. And he has won it by acting as an all-powerful leader, with a double in the final.

Messi has been the great beacon of an Albiceleste team that started the World Cup with doubts but has finished it in style: beating France in the grand final and giving an authentic recital at times, especially in the first half and part of the second, with Messi’s first goal and Di María‘s.

Messi's first goal and Di María's Argentina
Messi’s first goal and Di María’s

The ‘bleu’ team only appeared in the last minutes and took the game to extra time and penalties almost unintentionally. Mbappé wanted to be the hero of the final with his ‘hat trick, but Messi appeared there to bring the World Cup to South America. It had to be on penalties and suffering, but Argentina is now champion again.

The intensity and, above all, a lot of football from an Albiceleste that will celebrate as it deserves a World Cup that it has deserved more than anyone. She arrived in Qatar as one of the favorites to take the title and she has shown it.

In the grand final, when it was time to put all the meat on the grill, Argentina was superior in general terms.The albiceleste dominated and went on to win 2-0 at halftime with goals from Messi and Ángel Di María. The game seemed to have only one owner and to be dead, but in the final stretch, Mbappé appeared to score a double in two minutes and force extra time.


Messi put Argentina ahead again in the second part of extra time and Mbappé equalized again from the penalty spot with three minutes remaining. In the penalty shootout, Argentina did not fail, Dibu saved one and Tchouaméni threw his out for Argentina to lift the World Cup.


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