Now those omissions, mistakes, and errors happen to any of us. It has nothing to do with it. Because we are all human. But now there are some people, no matter what they have done, whether it is a mistake, a mistake, or an omission, there is a reason to be free to say it again. There are a thousand and one excuses at any time like my grandmother died, my mother is not well, I got coronavirus, my laptop broke, there was a Global economic recession, etc. This is the worst thing about making such excuses.

When a person makes excuses for what he did, it means that he does not accept what happened. This is not really a good feature. The addiction to making excuses for all these things in professional life, academic life, and even in personal life means that others can see that the person who makes such excuses has no personality, that person is not trustworthy at all, and that person has no sincerity.

Now then, can it happen when doing a bad job as mentioned above? Oh, you can. We are not saying that such facts are false. For example, when someone says that I couldn’t finish the homework because my grandmother was sick and had to go with me to buy medicine, it may be true. But the problem is that it is not relevant to complete the work. Then if a person says things like this freely as a habit, it will be difficult for others to accept them.

That’s why we thought to give some tips that can help one get out of the habit of making excuses for all these things.

01. Identify your excuses & problems

Identify your excuses & problems.

Most of the time, a person who makes excuses for a habit, actually makes excuses because of something that he has neglected, because of something that he cannot do, or because of something that he has done wrong. So if you are one of those people, first think about what kind of problems you have to constantly make excuses for. Sometimes a person has to make excuses because they often make mistakes at work. Then you have to think about why it happens like that. Because of negligence? Trying to finish work quickly? It can be anything like that.

take another example, there may be a person who does not work on time and therefore gives various excuses for it. If that person is you, find out why now. Because of boredom? Because you are distracted by other things that happen until the last minute? Because one task takes too much time? Because work is not planned? Or simply because time management is messed up? In this way, honestly choose the problem you have.

02. Seek remedies

Seek remedies
Seek remedies


Now that you have honestly found where the problem is, you can start looking for solutions. For example, let’s say that there is a problem of not being able to deliver the work on time due to time management problems, so the reason for the delay is given one after another. In that case, we need to learn various tricks and tips that will help us manage our time. Let’s say that even though they work hard, they make mistakes at work, so they have to make excuses to cover up those mistakes. Then we find that the reason for such mistakes is due to the lack of proper knowledge about the work being done. If so, you need to learn to do what you do properly by taking an online course. The next step is to find solutions to your problems.

Now, why is it important to find these remedies? There is no problem if there is a solution. No need to make excuses when there is no problem!


03. Anticipate possible problems

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You have to make excuses if something goes wrong or is missed. We talked above about the reason and how to find the solution. But there are some things that are out of our control and affect our work. We need to learn to predict them. If we have thought about the problems that may happen in advance, we can use the remedies in advance to avoid those problems. For example, if we are habitually late for an office meeting and have to make excuses for being late, we can see what the reason is. The reason may be that it is an hour away from Colombo. But due to the traffic on Galle road, it is possible that you will never be able to go on time. In that case, the best thing to do is to try and see how early you can get to the office on time. In the same way, if the situations and things that can cause problems for one’s work are predicted in advance, and appropriate remedies are applied in advance, then omissions and mistakes in one’s work will not happen. If not, there is no need to make excuses.

04. Learn from mistakes, share what you can eat

Learn from mistakes
Learn from mistakes

This is an important lesson for anyone. No matter how much we all plan to avoid problems, problems or omissions do happen. That’s the way the world is. But if we repeat the same mistake, then we have a problem. That’s why we need to learn from our mistakes. It is possible to make sure that such mistakes or omissions do not happen again.
Also, when you take on a certain task, you should carefully analyze whether it is a task that you can do, whether it is something that you can do in a given time, or whether it is a part of the work that you cannot do. After that, they should take on as much work as they can, within a deadline that they can practically complete. In other words, you should share only as much as you can eat. Then there is no need to make excuses. Also, when they take on a task that is too much for them to complete, and cannot complete it, they do not need to make excuses that they could not do it because the workload was too much!

05. Take responsibility

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Okay, so we’ve been talking all this time about things we can do to prevent problems from happening that we have to make excuses for. But that is not enough. Because no matter how many precautions and plans are made, mistakes or omissions cannot be prevented 100%. Because we all live in an imperfect world. People make mistakes. The second thing is that there are some people who are so sick that they are prone to say anything for free. Talking to such a person is also a headache.

Now if you also belong to this second category, or if you accept that you can make a mistake, then remember very well that making excuses when you make a mistake or an omission will damage your image. Instead, take responsibility for the mistake or omission. Apologize for it. See how the damage caused by it can be repaired. Then load that damage. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake again. The whole point of this point is to build a personality that can take responsibility for anything that happens!

06. Don’t succumb to the fear of failure

Don't succumb to the fear of failure
Don’t succumb to the fear of failure

Realizing that the reality of a poor image is more powerful than the fear of failure, it is very important to avoid being a person who makes excuses. Why do we call anything excuses? Most of the time, many people are afraid of being seen as a failure, of others thinking that they are failures, and of feeling that they are failures. That’s why we create various excuses to get rid of that piece of failure.

But this is what we need to understand. Failure is not something to be afraid of. As we have said a lot in other articles, failure means we are working toward success. Actually, by accepting the responsibility for a mistake or an omission, others will understand that we are a person with strong personalities and good professional qualities. That is very important to our success!

07. Don’t fall victim to the blame game

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We call the blame game or passing the blame ball from hand to hand, when something wrong or an omission happens, instead of taking responsibility, the person who should be responsible for it tries to put the responsibility or blame on someone else. Now making excuses is really closely related to passing the ball. We are talking about the fact that they should take responsibility for it, directly taking responsibility, and if the responsibility is not related to them, if someone else passes the ball to them, they should speak directly and dare to say that it does not apply to them.

08. Change attitude, believe in yourself

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In the end, if we don’t always make excuses for everything, our attitude needs to change. That means, the attitude of someone who is guilty of everything that happens to them, and that they are not the ones to blame for anything that concerns them, needs to change. The attitude of never being wrong must change. If Anna can think like that and get rid of the mentality of making excuses for all these things, Anna, it will really be a step towards success.

And finally, to not be someone who makes excuses for everything, you have to start believing in yourself. You have to start believing in your own abilities. Also, you have to start believing that you are a person who can move forward without making excuses for everything!

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