We are preparing to tell you another true story that can prove that it is not a story to eat Japanese. This story is about an inventor named Yoshiro Nakamatsu, whom not many of you know. Or as the Japanese people say, this is about Mr. Nakamatsu.

1. Who is Yoshiro Nakamatsu?



If I say that Yoshiro Nakamatsu is a star in Japan, I am right. Actors and singers often become stars, but Mr. Nakamatsu became a star because of his discoveries. He was born in 1928. That means he is now 89 years old. His father is Hajime Nakamatsu, a banker, and his mother, is Yoshino Nakamatsu, a science teacher. He said that he was very fond of the subjects taught by his mother and studied those subjects by himself and tried to create new works.

The turning point of his educational life was his admission to the University of Tokyo to study engineering technology. Since then, his new creative career marked the beginning of the golden age, and even at the age of 89, he is still engaged in scientific research.
He often joins talk shows in Japan and is known as an entertaining character who is always eager to share his ideas and knowledge. It is said that the Japanese people love him very much.

2. Nakamatsu’s invention

Nakamatsu's invention
Nakamatsu’s invention

Nakamatsu’s findings do not extend to one range. A huge number of discoveries belonging to each field belong to his collection of discoveries. Mr. Nakamatsu has created a lot of products that are amazing and absurd. Only a very small number of these.

  • The first floppy disk
  • Enerex – System for separation of oxygen and hydrogen
  • A pillow that prevents sleep while driving
  • A cigarette-like device to keep the brain active
  • Eyeglasses that match the size of the eye. (It doesn’t look worn when worn)
  • False hair for self-protection (This will cause the attacker to feel a lot of pain when it hits the attacker’s body)
  • A pair of high jump shoes.
  • Celebrex – A seat designed to provide relief to the brain to develop mental abilities such as mathematical ability, and reasoning ability.
    (This mental concentration is given by cooling the head and warming the legs)

Do you believe..? This great inventor named Yoshiro Nakamatsu has made 3300 inventions. Although some Japanese newspapers called him “the world’s most inventive person”, Western newspapers say that he has not been introduced much.

3. Politics

Nakamatsu's politics

He extended his hand towards every field and politics can be called one place where he went wrong. He asked for the vote to be the governor of Tokyo twice and was defeated both times. He also sought a vote to join Japan’s “Council House” as a member but was also defeated. Perhaps the people have shown with their votes that he is suitable for the field of innovation and not for the political field. But Mr. Nakamatsu has contributed his own saying to the world that “Politics is a part of invention”.

4. Luxury life

Nakamatsu's Life
Nakamatsu’s Life

Mr. Nakamatsu, who is often seen on Japanese television, was also occasionally involved in American television programs. He contributed to famous American programs like Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous, and Late Night with David Letterman. He also contributed to BBC Radio’s Jon Ronson Show and BBC TV’s Adam and Joe Go Tokyo.

5. Achievement

Nakamatsu's Nobel

In 2005, he was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize in the Nutrition category, an award ceremony similar to the Nobel Prize.

Sovereign Military Order of Malta in 2009. He was awarded the Italian Honorary Award.

In 2016, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Mmuseumm.

6. Searching for a cure for cancer

Searching for a cure for cancer
Searching for a cure for cancer

Mr. Nakamatsu is suffering from severe cancer. Due to this, Mr. Nakamatsu is said to have limited days to live. However, these days, it is learned that Mr. Nakamatsu has completely focused his research knowledge on finding a cure for his cancer.

7. Nakamatsu’s life goes to film and song


In 2009, famous film director Astrup Schroeder made a comedy documentary about Mr. Nakamatsu. It was named The Invention Of Dr. Nakamatsu nominates. And in 2015, the band Full Metal Breakfast released a song about Mr. Nakamatsu.

Although Nakamatsu is a very famous person in Japan, he is not a famous inventor in the world. We end the article by leaving it to you to study more about his life, known as the “Uncrowned King” of the invention.

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