What is this Ghosting culture? A few pros and cons of Ghostin’ culture!

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Now when you say ghosting culture or ghosting culture, someone who doesn’t know will think that surely this means something related to ghosts. And no? But we can say that this ghosting culture is not related to ghosts, ghosts, or other supernatural things at all. Moreover, this is especially a matter related to the behavior of today’s younger generations.


In fact, the word ghosting culture has been around since the beginning of 2000. This is called ghosting, simmering, or icing. Simply put, this is to completely stop communication with a person or group of people, without prior notice or explanation, or reason. Then let’s say that after doing that, the concerned person or the concerned party tries to contact us. However, we do not respond to any of those attempts or give any help to succeed in trying to contact us. We completely ignore that person or them. This is called ghosting culture. So is this ghosting culture really good or bad? Come on, that’s what we’re going to talk about!

01. How to resolve and move forward?

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If someone we love and are close friends with ghosts us, that means someone ignores us without any explanation, blame, or anything, then the main problem is that we don’t know why he completely cut us off. Decided to leave. Now even when a love relationship is broken, it is the hardest for the one who ate the breakup to forget the love, along with the question of why he left me. If you know the reason for the break, you can move on more quickly. That’s what happens when someone ghosts us. We don’t know if it’s because of something we did wrong, or because of something someone else said, or because of some other problem. Since there is no way to know about it, it is very difficult for us to mentally end the relationship with that person and move on.

02. Question about Basic Human Decency?

Basic Human Decency
Basic Human Decency

In fact, one of the main evils of ghosting is that it is a problem with basic human decency. If we start talking to someone, it means that we are actively building some kind of relationship with that person. Once a conversational relationship is established, we cannot say that we are not involved, that it is something that the other party has imagined. In short, we need to understand that we have contributed to it and we have responsibility for it. Now when that’s the case, let’s say we ghost someone, cut them off completely. So, is that a decent job? If we contributed in any way to a relationship, don’t we have a responsibility to at least give reasons to end it completely? Let’s say, we are ghosting that person completely because of a mistake made by that person. But we say that is the basic human morality.

03. Hard Feelings

Hard Feelings
Hard Feelings

Another problem that happens with ghosting is the bad feeling that the other person has about the person who is ghosting. Then someone will ask, now that I am ghosting someone, doesn’t that mean that I don’t want to have any dealings with that person again? If so, if the person I am ghosting doesn’t think badly of me, then what do I care? But the problem is not there. Ghosting someone is easy, especially nowadays because we conduct communication and human relations mainly through digital, online media. But the real world is not the digital world. And the world is a very small place. We can meet the person we ghosted again in an unexpected place. When we meet like that, we can need that person and become relevant. Then, if that person doesn’t feel good about us, if he doesn’t respect us, wouldn’t that be a problem? This is not about revenge. It’s not like he’s taking revenge on us because we ghosted him. But he will not see us as someone with straight character and respect. It can affect us badly.

04. Damage to character

Damage to character
Damage to character

This means the same as above in a little more detail. Now suppose we ghost someone. If it’s because he did us a terrible, unforgivable mistake, we can sometimes justify ghosting that person. But in general, ghosting someone can be seen as a lack of direct personality, a loss of respectability, and as an inability to work directly. Sometimes, even if someone makes a mistake to us, without ghosting him, if we scold him directly and stop contact, that person will not lose respect for us. But if we just ghost, that respect is more likely to be lost.

05. Serial Goster Scandal

Serial Goster Scandal
Serial Goster Scandal

This can happen to those who used to ghost people as a habit. Now we said at one point above, that if we cut off without any communication even about a mistake someone makes to us, it can send the signal that we do not have a direct personality. And at another point, we said that even if we ghost someone from the digital world communications, this is actually a small world. So in such a small world, people are more likely to network. People are more likely to know other people. Then, if we ghost people as a habit, it is more likely that people will know and talk about our habit. The damage to the character mentioned above can turn into a scandal. People start talking about how he is!

06. Easier than drama though

Easier than drama though
Easier than drama though

For so long now, I have been talking about the chaotic places in Gostin. But sometimes there are people who think that the option called Gostin is an advantage. For example, here is a guy who we met as a friend who asks for love. But we have no love for that person. So we say that. But this boy will not stop. They come after you saying they love you, they try to kiss you. Come then, we may have no other choice. The easiest thing to do while keeping our peace of mind is to ghost it, stop contact completely, block it from everywhere, and cut it off. , if we have to face unnecessary dramas in life because of someone we want to open our hands to, and we can’t make amends with that person, Gostin is a good option for such a person!

07. Vengeance is deadly

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Now, even when we started, we said that when we do this Ghost in Kirill, it will be very difficult for the party facing it. Because then it’s hard to even get angry or move on because you don’t know what happened. Can’t you use that point to take revenge on someone? But before that, I need to say a few things. One, we cannot say that revenge is a good thing. It’s bad. But sometimes someone can do us very wrong. Then, we may want to completely cut that person out of our lives and live as if such a person does not exist. And then, rather than doing terrible things back to someone who treated us so badly, the best revenge that can be done is to make the person a ghost. Of course, the second thing: We have mentioned in the above points the problems we may have with ghosting. Anna is going to ghost someone to take revenge with that in mind. Go for revenge and don’t let mistakes come your way, that’s all!


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