Final destination of FIFA 2022 Qatar Stadium 974

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It is a well-known fact that you and I, the readers, know that football is the most popular sport among sports fans all over the world. The grand, sporting, and energetic football tournament that comes once in 4 years is currently being held in Qatar. Qatar, which hosted the FIFA 2022 World Cup football tournament in 2010, prepared for it in an unprecedented way with the aim of providing a fresh set of experiences to the spectators as well as to all the people of the world.

It is a major fact that Qatar has invested about 220 billion dollars in the FIFA 2022 World Cup, which started in this way. They also took steps to build 8 world-class stadiums for this purpose. Among those stadiums, Stadium 974, which has attracted the most attention from the people of the world, is special.

FIFA 2022 Stadium 974

FIFA 2022
Stadium 947

This stadium is located in the Ras Abu Aboud area of ​​Qatar and in 2017, the design of this stadium was created by the architect Fenwick Iribarren. And the specialty of this is that 974 containers have been used to create this stadium. It is reported that this has helped to even call the name Stadium 974. Also, the telephone code of Qatar is 974.

Due to the slightly different format and the minimum amount of capital spent on it, there was some interest in this stadium among the spectators. Construction started around October 2017 and was completed around November 2021. This stadium can easily seat more than 44,000 spectators and it is a fact that facilities have been provided for this as well as other FIFA stadiums.

The first match held in this stadium is reported to be the match between the United Arab Emirates and Syria held on November 30, 2021.

What happens after the final FIFA 2022?

It was decided to hold 7 matches in this stadium and the last match between Brazil and South Korea ended recently. After this FIFA match, the authorities have decided to decommission the stadium, where all the raw materials used for its construction will be removed and the parts will be supplied to other countries for infrastructure.

Below you can see how a Twitter post about the removal of this FIFA stadium has been made.

However, the Qatari authorities have not announced a date for the start of this process until now and stated that in this process, the parts will be offered to Tunisia as a donation from the state of Qatar without any environmental damage.

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