Encanto wins best animated feature at Oscars 2022

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LOS ANGELES — Parents of youthful children are each- too-familiar with the magic of “ Encanto, ” and the Disney hit won the stylish animated point award at the 2022 Oscars.

“ Encanto ” was also nominated for a sore and original song for its moving ditty “ Dos Oruguitas. ”
The animated musical tells the story of a family from Colombia named the Madrigals who admit magical gifts in their city called Encanto. The character Mirabel, raised by Stephanie Beatriz, sets out to save her family’s magic.

The film won the animated point Academy Award for Walt Disney Animation Studios on Sunday night. Not counting flicks from its Pixar attachment, Disney has won the vitality Oscar four times since it was first handed out in 2002.
Disney preliminarily won the award for 2013’s “ Frozen, ” 2014’s “ Big Hero 6 ” and 2016’s “ Zootopia. ”



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