Amazon Rainforest -7 Amazing facts about Amazon

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The world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon, is known as the two lungs of the earth. In 2011, the Amazon Rainforest was declared one of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World. It is spread over an area of ​​7,000,000 square kilometers. It is located on the border of Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guyana, and French Guiana. The largest river in the world is also in the . So come with Wikimess for a round it.

01. Hot water River

Hot water River - Amazon
Hot water River

We have heard about hot water pools, hot springs, and lakes in the world. But the forest is the only place in the world where there is a hot water river. The Shane-Timpishka, also known as La Bomba, is a tributary of the Amazon River. The water in different places of this 6.4 km long river has different temperatures. The temperature ranges from 45 to 100 degrees Celsius. This is not very deep. But some places are about 6 meters deep. The Gotriks here believes that the lord of water resides in this river. This is why this is considered a holy place.

02. Early Human Settlements.

Early Human SettlementsEarly Human Settlements

There has been much evidence that early humans lived before the current tribes in the Amazon. According to the facts studied by the explorers, this settlement was created between 1250-1500 years. A Washington newspaper released in March 2018 revealed the facts in this regard and they say that the Amazon forest may have been the habitat of only one million indigenous people before Europeans arrived in South America. They have reported that they have found nearly 80 such habitations so far.

03. Poisonous frogs

Poisonous frogs
Poisonous frogs

Another special animal that lives in the Amazon forest is the poison frog. “Hey! Here I am, I’m poisonous, so don’t even think about eating me! They have a look-like saying. There are colorful colors like red and black, yellow and green, orange and silver, blue and yellow, green and black, and pink and silver. They live in the leaf litter of the forest. But some live high in the forest canopy. And it never comes down. The poison of frogs is in the skin. They are almost too poisonous to touch. This toxin can cause severe swelling, nausea, and muscle paralysis.

04.Amazon Walking trees

Walking trees
Walking trees

We come across walking trees in movies or storybooks. But have you heard before that there are really walking trees like this in the Amazon forest? These trees do not walk fast. But these are slowly drawn from their place to other places. They do that by looking for sunlight. These are called Socrates exorrhiza or “Cashapona”. It should be 10 to 25 meters high. They are fairly large growing trees. Over a long period of time, this tree moves to another place a meter or several from where it was planted.

05. Pink Dolphin Fish (Inia geoffrensis)

Pink Dolphin Fish (Inia geoffrensis)
Pink Dolphin Fish (Inia geoffrensis)

The Amazon River is the only river in the world where dolphins are found in abundance. Several species of dolphins are found in the Amazon River, the largest river in the world that flows through the Amazon forest. Among them, the main and rarest dolphin species is the Amazon river dolphin (Inia Geoffrensis), boto, Bufeo or pink dolphin. Or the pink dolphin species. These dolphins are pink in color. They are usually about 8 feet long. These pink dolphins, which are rapidly becoming extinct, are currently left in the world only a small number of about 2000. These animals become victims of animal killers and tribals. Actually, this dolphin species is a different type of fish species.

06. Amazon Water Tray

Amazon Water Tray
Amazon Water Tray


Victoria amazonica, commonly known as Amazon water lily, royal water lily, giant water lily or Amazon water-platter, also known as Victoria lily, is a species of lily. We can see this in different places in the Amazon River. Their leaves are large and strong. As large as 3 meters, these are strong enough to support a normal weight or a small child or person while floating in the water. It has been found that some lily leaves can hold up to 65 pounds. A beautiful white or light purple lily blooms here. Discovered in 1801, this species of lily has been successfully cultivated in several different places in the world today.

07. Bullet Ants

Amazon Bullet Ants
Bullet Ants

A very special and very scary species of ants known as Bullet ants live in this Amazon forest. Zoologists first discovered this species of ants in the world in 1992. About 1.5 inches in length, these ants are best known to the tribes of the Amazon forest. They are constantly attacked by this ant. The name Bullet Ant comes from the fact that when they bite, the body feels like a bullet. After being bitten, the pain lasts between five and 24 hours. Because of this, they are a very dangerous species of ants. It is also reported that the Satire-Mau, an indigenous tribe living in the Amazon forest, use these ants to test the strength of their leaders. Also, they have used these ants to destroy their enemies in other gotras in the past.

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