A Robot that can control Humans is Born

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It is no secret that the future existence of the world has reached a state that no one can imagine at this time. The reason for this is that the inheritance of robots in production, sales, or service sectors is happening at an unprecedented speed. The other important thing is to show that the robot society is capable of working collectively. Accordingly, the work is divided and organized as a team Research departments have been able to produce advanced robots capable of carrying out assigned orders.
But the other point here is to involve the robots in control.
But as we have seen in many movies, it is predicted that robots will advance enough to take over the world.
Can robots really control people?


Whatever you know about robots so far, a robot that can be controlled by humans has been developed.NetDragon Websoft, a company famous for online games, has created a robot powered by artificial intelligence (AI) as its CEO.

This robot is called ‘Ms. Known as Tang Yu’.

Accordingly, she is used as a real-time data center and analysis tool that supports decision-making in the organization. This decision has been taken with the aim of introducing AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology into the management of the organization.
NetDragon Websoft is a subsidiary of Tang Yu Company. It was started in 1999 in China.
Since then, it has become one of the premier companies for developing video games and mobile applications. Commenting on this, the organization states that its organization has decided to use ‘AI + Management’ as a new strategy. They further mentioned that this was done with the aim of transforming their organization into a ‘Metaverse organization‘.
(Metaverse is the merging of the Online and Physical world)

But NetDragon Websoft has not yet revealed information about Tang Yu’s responsibilities and how he will contribute to the running of the company. However, the robot will be contacted to supervise operations in the organization’s ‘Organizational and efficiency department’.
Where it is used to support rational decision-making in daily operations as well as to activate the management system in more risky situations. In this regard, the head of this institution says that he believes that AI is the future of his corporate management.
He also mentioned that Tang Yu’s appointment will help change the way the business is run and develop future strategies.

Tang Yu
Tang Yu

Earlier this year, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) commented on this.
(LSE is a public research university based in London, England, and is controlled by the Federal University of London.) Commenting there, the researchers noted that AI technology is a more successful strategy than hiring human officers. The reason for that is that AI technology is showing reasonable and significant improvement. They also mentioned that it can be used more successfully than using humans in improving the diversity of the workplace. Accordingly, it appears that in the future, even the head of the company you work for maybe a robot.

Then there is a controversial theory about what will happen to humans. That is the possibility that humans will exist in this world or even become extinct in this world in the future. Stay tuned to Colombo Times to know information about such special and meaningful things.

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