Korean War

The Korean War was another major disaster of the 20th century. Also, Korea, which was the first battlefield of the capitalist-socialist cold war, is a land where the lives of brothers and sisters who spoke the same language and were scattered in the same country were destroyed due to the conflicts between these two sides.

History of the Korean War

Different sources give different statistics about this war and according to Encarta 2008 volume, about 4 million people have died in this war. With 2/3 of them being civilians, one can imagine the fate of innocent human lives due to the war of the powerful. If we say how terrible this figure is, the number of Japanese who died during the entire Second World War is 2.3 million. China lost about one million soldiers in the Korean War, and 36,934 Americans lost their lives 8,000 miles away from their own country. Moreover, 103,284 went to their country after suffering various injuries.

Also, it is said that the reed personnel was in danger not only from enemy attacks, as often happens in wars but sometimes from the attacks of the friendly side by mistake and at other times by being close to the bomb attacks of the enemy side. It is stated that 3322 UN troops belonging to other nations died and 11,949 were critically injured. However, the number of reeds that America lost in these 3 years is relatively higher than the 11 years between 1962-1973 when they were involved in the Vietnam War. It is said that 58,220 Americans died in the Vietnam War during this period.

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US Army Forces

Various sources of information have acknowledged the loss of lives of North Koreans, but in general, there is no specific information about how many North Koreans died. However, the amount of infrastructure and property lost to North Koreans is huge. Even South Koreans lost their lives in their own country at the hands of the South Korean Army as well as the US Army and were always labeled as “North Korean sympathizers or North Korean spies”. The irony is that among the dead to whom this “label” was affixed, there were often very young children. So much so that death and dying had become a trivial matter.


Korean War

On the other hand, some scholars say that the Americans wanted South Korea to be a strategic country to control the Japanese who attacked them badly in the Second World War. But due to the Korean War, Japan changed its policy to focus on achieving unexpected goals. One of the advantages that Japan gained from this war is the development of economic and other infrastructure due to acting as an intermediate supply center, and General Ridgeway, who came in charge of Far East Asia and Japan after General Douglas MacArthur, also focused on Japan’s sovereignty and independence. Other sources say that most of the extremist religious organizations that were banned from spreading in America were allowed to operate in South Korea with the knowledge of America and recruited South Koreans to other religions. There may be many more such hidden matters.

Korean War
FILE PHOTO KOREA – UNDATED: (FILE PHOTO) U.S. troops emerge from tandem helicopters onto an open field during the Korean War (1950 – 1953) in this undated file photo. July 27, 2003 marks 50 years since the armistice that ended the three-year Korean war was signed. Half a century after the war ended in
stalemate, the U.S. still has 37,000 troops positioned close to the border with North Korea to keep the uneasy peace between the Stalinist North and the capitalist South. (Photo by Archive Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Even though the war that destroys human lives and resources is not approved at all, it is seen that America was able to fully win this war and create a united Korea. After the World War, although they reduced war spending and weapons production, they had the ability to free the only nation that was officially at war until now, if they had used the nuclear capability that they had over the Soviet Union, as well as the subtle abilities to manage other resources.

Korean War

On the other hand, a president like Eisenhower, who was more popular and popular in terms of war administration and other matters than President Truman, who was not very popular, had the ability to fully own the victory of the Korean War by suppressing the Soviet and Chinese influence, but at that time, the loss of human life and property caused by this war to the Americans. Losses and countries such as the United Kingdom, which contributed troops to the United Nations, were also affected by the war. On the other hand, instead of unifying a small country in the far corner of Asia, the influence of the Cold War, which was burning at that time, was becoming Europe, so it was America’s hope that the Korean War would end as soon as possible.

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Before the war, North Korea was considered more industrialized and South Korea more agrarian. But after the war, South Korea was able to industrialize later than North Korea and become the second-developed country in Asia with issues such as American influence and intervention and the establishment of military bases. Although North Korea is still far ahead of South Korea in terms of military, South Korea has had a good standard of living for several decades and is far ahead in other matters as well.

North Korean war fever again

The Korean War was another reason for the establishment of American bases as a network around the world. Even though the sons of Kim Il Sung, who initiated the Korean War, and now his grandson have extended threats against South Korea from time to time, if there is a Korean War again, there is a tendency for a united Korea to emerge under the South Korean concept. Because now there is only one faction of the superpowers in the world. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has become almost untouchable in the wars against America in the world, and China has military-air-naval power as well as nuclear power, but they are sometimes behind the power of America and NATO, but the courage and large numbers of the Chinese army then and now. If the power somehow gets to North Korea, it will undoubtedly be a big headache for America.

US Army

Even though large nuclear bombs were dropped from the air and the destruction of cities and villages was expected to occur at the peak, the American military used M1A2 Abrams tanks in the Gulf War, M829A1 “Silver Bullet” bullets, and GAU-8/A Avenger used in A-10 Thunderbolt II fighter jets. Successful results have been achieved in mixing uranium waste for 30 mm bullets. Therefore, their possession of even more successful and destructive weapons may not be favorable to the North Koreans, and now North Korea has acquired nuclear power to some extent, but if it is used, the United States will have a reasonable reason to use those weapons on a large scale, and North Korea will disappear from the world map. It would be an unavoidable mistake.


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